New Study Says That People Over 55 are the Likeliest to Have Extramarital Sex

Extramarital Sex

Who says that when you get older, you lose your interest in fooling around? According to a study published by the Institute for Family Studies in the US, and titled “America’s new Generation Gap in Extramarital Sex”, it was revealed that 20% of married people in the US over 55 have had extramarital sex, while only 14% of couples under 55 reports getting on with someone else!



Older Married Folk Engage in Extramarital Affairs more Than Younger Couples

While the researchers from the Institute for Family Studies all agree that extramarital sex has the potential to destroy, or severely damage, relationships, they stress that it would be better to conduct more research into this field, if only to understand why people are doing it. But then again, no one said that it was illegal to regularly meet up with the hot and sexy Brisbane Escort Girls, regardless of whether you were married or not!


One important thing to note is that in this survey, the respondents were not actually asked whether they engaged in explicit adultery, but just whether they had sex outside of their marriage.  That means it can and does include couples who have open or “ethically monogamous’ relationships, which means that one partner or both can sleep with others outside their marriage with their spouse’s full knowledge and consent!


There’s Been a Sharp rise in Older Couples Who Seek Sex Outside of Marriage

While the overall number of Americans having extramarital sex has held steady at around 16% over the last 30 years, the number of older couples who’ve been married for two to three decades and seeking sex outside of their marriage has been on a sharp rise since 2000!


The researchers believe that one of the reasons why older couples go for sexual “test drives” outside of their marriage may have more to do with the norms of the era they grew up with, rather than in stuff like midlife crisis or boredom with their marriages!


But then again,  if you’re looking to inject a sense of adventure in your erotic life, you’d definitely have no qualms in dating the hot and sexy Brisbane Escorts, regardless of whether you’re 55 years old or not!

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