The Perks of Using Gags in the Bedroom

Gags in the Bedroom

Whether you’re a fan of BDSM or not, what’s nice is that there are actually a couple of BDSM tools and props that you can use in the bedroom, even if you and your partner are not cuffing or whipping each other! For example, gags are deemed fun sex toys regardless of whether you’re in a BDSM relationship or not, and while they may seem a little tricky to use at first, gags can help increase physical and emotional connections in the bedroom! Here’s a look at a few of the perks of using gags in the bedroom.


Why Gags?

Looking to up the ante’ in the bedroom with your girlfriend, or with sexy and sizzling Brisbane Escort Girls? Then why don’t you try using gags! According to sex experts, a gag creates an intimate and intense hierarchy, as well as a clear understanding of who is the “dominant” and who is the “submissive”!


The gag serves as a silencer, which often enhances BDSM scenes (and even vanilla sex scenes). The submissive, or the person wearing the gag, will have mental and physical arousal while wearing the gag. And for the dominant, the gag serves as reinforcement. In fact, some gags have extra features for restraints, which the dominant can include in their BDSM scene!


What Happens when Someone Wears a Ball Gag?

Ball gags are a few of the popular gag variants used today, and these cause a lot of drooling, which would definitely look and feel so kinky for both the dominant and submissive! When the submissive wears a ball gag, his or her mouth will not be able to swallow easily, and the drool becomes a turn-on.


Visually, Gags Are Stimulating

Visually, gags are truly stimulating tools, and they are emotionally vulnerable too, which adds more flavour and intensity to the dominant/submissive experience. For a lot of kink adherents, ball gags create a moment of animal instincts, because instead of having to moan, speak audibly or describe sexual pleasure, the gag forces the submissive to simply feel the pleasure!  


Just like restraints, blindfolds, and paddles, gags are an integral part of not just BDSM, but even vanilla sex activities, and they come in different styles, sizes and options too! So, why don’t you try using gags tonight (or this weekend) when you meet up with the alluring Brisbane Escorts?

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